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New Changes with IHDA ---

As of now IHDA will be making many changes which we will be

announcing shortly.  In the meantime, we have eliminated membership

dues and have started a Donation Center.  We hope you will continue supporting

us by giving a Donation to keep the hustle going.

Donate $1 to up to $1 Million.  It is up to you.

We thank everyone who has supported this organization.


IHDA Committee Board




Global Activities
You will start seeing more
involvement through out the
world.  Be sure to  thoroughly
browse through the site. 
There will be many new
features for you to enjoy!
Please bear with us as we
continually update and format 
this website.


Next Generation
Get ready for videos that may
get your pulses racing with
Hustle from all over
the world.
This will be a fun
and collaborative project.




We hope you will continue to
support IHDA by giving a


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There are no refunds once a donation or Member fee is paid.  Please contact us if there are duplicates or any other discrepency with payment at

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