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IHDA would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge those individuals instrumental in establishing the first Hustle Dance Championship in the United States. This championship was established 1995. It was called Hustle USA and the original organizers were: Maria Torres, Debra Hampton, David Sarul and Donna Boyle .


At Hustle USA, the “Eddie Vega Award” was established. This award was inspired by the memory of one of the most talented dance personalities to come out of the Hustle world: Eddie “Showbiz” Vega. Unfortunately, at the young age of 29, Eddie was ripped from our world by complications due to the virus HIV/AIDS. It was Eddie ‘s wish that we recognize those people that keep the tradition of Hustle Dancing alive and share it with the world.

Every year this award was given to a dancer that wasan incredible role model and kept the dance alive within the Partner Dance Community.


Recipients of the “Eddie Vega Award”
1995 Arte Phillips
1996 Maria Torres
1997 Kenny Gonzales
1998 Lourdes Jones
1999 Nelly Cotto
2000 Billy Fajardo
2001 Debra Hampton
2002 EddieTorres



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