Certification Criteria


The IHDA certification will be administered by a qualified IHDA/DVIDA examiner.  The examiner will conduct the test with the highest standards of fairness, objectivity, thoroughness and professionalism.  The results of the exam will be forwarded to DVIDA to be scrutinized.  If the candidate meets the requirements and has satisfied the criteria for certification, a certificate of completion will be issued by DVIDA with the IHDA logo accompanied by the signatures of the examiner and IHDA president. 


Exam Criteria

Candidates should purchase the approved IHDA manual corresponding to the level of their certification.  Candidates should also prepare in advance and come prepared for their examination.  Professional attire is suggested.


The exam is comprised of four sections and is scored accordingly:


Dancing:  40%

Theory:  30%

Teaching:  20%

Overall Presentation:  10%



The cost of the IHDA examination is $270.00.  The examination fee includes: examiners fees (based on a two hour examination), certification, certificate, scrutinizing, studio rental fee and one year IHDA membership (new member or renewal.)  The examination fee may be paid to IHDA prior to scheduled testing date or at the time of examination.  Fees should be made payable to IHDA and not the examiner.  

**Please note:  Should the exam require less than two hours, the fee will be adjusted.

IHDA Recognized Examiners

Candidates should contact IHDA to schedule an exam with one of the examiners below.


Billy Fajardo

Jamie Josephson


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an exam please email Daniel McGee at danny@i-h-d-a.com.


       www.i-h-d-a.com                                                                                               ihda_member@yahoo.com

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