Certified Candidates


IHDA Certification has been growing immensely. We are very excited to announce the certification of many. Not only within the USA, but Hustle certification has been growing Internationally. Meet your certified dancers:



USA Certification

Ginny Carey, PA
Susan Fritz, PA
Alex Gaudin
Debra Hampton, CA
Wingo Hom, NY
Alex Jacobs
Jameson Kilburn, PA
Sonia Kyriacov
Katie Marlow, FL
Daniel McGee, PA
Michael Petroski, PA
Raquel Nielsen Williams
Joy Ro, CA
Stephen Ward, CA
Brian Wells, DE
Tybaldt Ulrich, NY


Shu-Ping Chu
Lynn Heyden, NY
Hwa Lim, CA
Michele Moyer, PA
Mihoko Ninomiya, NY
Shuen-Jing Wang, NJ



International Certification

Oksana Abanta, Canada
Jennifer Aucoin, Canada
Lorin Flaun, Canada
Katelynn Goulding, Canada
Steven James, Canada
Marjorie Kyle, Canada
Linda Marsella, Canada
Mark Read, Canada
Evelyn Sideen, Canada




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