Event Sanctioning Criteria

Sanctioning will apply for all 3-4 day Hustle Events or given event that can comply
to these restrictions.

Sanctionor, wishes to enter into this Agreement whereby:
  • Creates and maintain a graphic logo of Dance Event on the Sanctionor
    website that hyper-links to the Dance Event web site.
  • Sends email newsletters to all Sanctionor members to promote dance

Sanctioning will apply for all 3-4 day Hustle Events or given event that can comply to these restrictions.

Event Directors


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Sanctionor, wishes to enter into this Agreement whereby:

  • Creates and maintain a graphic logo of Dance Event on the Sanctionor website that hyper-links to the Dance Event web site. 
  • Sends email newsletters to all Sanctionor members to promote dance event.

Event Coordinator, in consideration of the granting of sanctioning a Dance Event, will compensate Sanctionor by:

  • Hire at least one Sanctionor approved Instructor and/or Judge for Hustle Divisions.
  • Providing instructional hustle workshops during the 3-4 day event.
  • Create an online registration form for IHDA members, allowing for negotiated discount of $10-$20 US dollars for all IHDA members who purchase a full package with a scheduled deadline.  Or, provide a Ballroom with sound system for a private IHDA member Meet and Greet party at such event includiing a free 30-60 minute workshop.  This room should be available preferably on the Friday of the event for the duration of one hour and 30 minutes.
  • Will establish and maintain a Hustle dance room and Hustle DJ Friday and Saturday nights (depending on size of event) for a minimum duration of 4 hours of that day of Dance Event.
  • Provide a spot in Ballroom to hang the IHDA banner advertising all sacntioned events.
  • As an elective: provide a table (at least 3ft x 6ft) and a prominent location of the table with suitable exposure by Dance Event attendee suitable for selling Sanctionor merchandise for the duration of the Dance Event.  

IHDA National Points Competition
This system will award points to the Top Male and Female Amateur and Professional Competitor and the Top Teacher of the year. Points will be accumulated throughout the year from April to April the following year. Points will only be awarded at IHDA Sanctioned Events.  All competitors must be IHDA members in order to compete at these events and earn points. The Top Teacher and Professional and Amateur Male and Female with the most points will be awarded an official IHDA Competitor jacket for that year. The points are the same for all sanctioned level events.  IHDA maintains and calculates all points from sanctioned events.


Meet and Greet Across America
Will be offered to any hustle dance party who wishes to receive IHDA support and advertisement via email and on the website. No titles won at this event.  In order to obtain or be part of this IHDA level support, you must be an IHDA member and must abide by all IHDA level requirements. This will cover all advertisements and support offered by the IHDA including a free 30-60 minute workshop by an IHDA Professional member/s.


Event Criteria
Please read the standard rules of sanctioning an event.  You must comply to these rules in order to be sanctioned.

Competition Sanction:
A competition organizer may apply to IHDA for sanction of the following:
1) the proposed name of the event,
2) the proposed location (city) of the event, 3) the proposed date of the event.   If an organizer wishes to change any of the above, then they may do so only after applying in writing to and receiving permission from IHDA.
Any organizer failing to run an event after reserving dates with the Council, and failing to cancel those dates with the council, will forfeit all rights to priority of dates for future events.

Competition Annual Sanction Fee:
Championships sanctioned by the IHDA must pay an annual sanction fee of $200.00 US dollars, and Competitions sanctioned will not be recognized unless the application has been made in writing and the appropriate sanction fee paid within 30 days of the date of sanctioning contract issued.  This fee also includes a full year membership with IHDA for up to two (2) Event Directors. There will be no reimbursements if sanctioning has been revoked at any time during sanctioning.
Competition Mileage and Time Constraints:
No Competition may be granted IHDA sanction unless it complies with the following:

The event is at least 21 days (or 3 weekends) from the date of any other existing IHDA event that is within ninety miles.

If the event is on the same weekend as an existing IHDA sanctioned Championship, then the two events are at least five hundred miles (500 miles) apart.


Competition Special Dispensation:
In the event a conflict is deemed to exist due to no fault of the Organizer, who may be forced to change his date due to hotel problems, etc., the IHDA Board has the right to give "Special Dispensation" for such date changes if it is felt that an unreasonable hardship would result to the given competition, to the competition's organizer or organizers, to its spectators, or to any of its other participants, Organizers requesting special dispensation should notify IHDA in writing.

Competition Application Criteria:
(1)     The Organizer or Organizers may apply for sanction of a competition as early as one (1) year prior to the proposed start date of the event, but IHDA must otherwise receive the completed and properly executed application along with the application fee not later than ninety (90) days prior to the proposed start date of the competition if it is not a Championship, and if it is a Championship, no later than one hundred fifty (150) days prior to the proposed start date of the competition.
(2)     Existing organizers who have not satisfied all outstanding debts incurred at either their own competition, or any other IHDA sanctioned event, will not be eligible for IHDA sanction.
(3)     All Organizers as well as the individual principals of corporate Organizers must make the following representations: that the title of the competition does not infringe on any common law, state registered, or federally registered trademark held by any person, entity, business, association, or organization.

(4)     Upon timely receipt of a completed application, IHDA shall evaluate the application in conjunction with the following criteria or factors, and shall either grant or refuse to grant sanction in accordance with such evaluation:


  • the business experience of the Organizer;
  • the dance experience of the Organizer;
  • the reputation of the Organizer;
  • history of the given competition; (5)   A decision of IHDA to deny sanction may be appealed by the Organizer(s) of the competition to the Committee of the council. Such an appeal shall be made by written notice from the Organizer(s) to the Board, which notice must set forth all the reasons why the Organizer(s) feel that sanction should be granted. The IHDA Board shall review both the application and the notice of appeal, and shall determine, based upon the rules and regulations of the Board, whether or not to grant sanction, which determination shall in all events be final. 

Provisional Sanction

  • The granting of "Provisional Sanction" by the Council obligates the organizer to adhere to the IHDA Rules and Regulations described herein.  The organizer may specify additional rules for his/her event at organizers discretion, provided they do not conflict with IHDA rules.

Specification of Events:
In organizers promotional material, the organizer must include a full list of categories and divisions offered, dances, dress requirements, and any additional rules he may wish to stipulate.

  • The Competition Organizer has the responsibility to inform all competitors of the rules under which their competitions will be conducted. Syllabus and/or Costuming requirements must be spelled out correctly and completely.

    • It is mandatory that in all events where cash purses and/or scholarships are offered, the organizer must state the amount in all advertisements

Conduct of Competition
The Organizer is responsible for observance of the following:

  1.  The Organizer shall draw up a timetable and make it available to all competitors prior to the competition. The organizer is responsible for adhering accurately to this timetable so that the individual events do not start more than thirty (30) minutes earlier nor run more than thirty (30) minutes later than the scheduled time. The first event of the day shall not start ahead of the scheduled time.
  2. Organizer is also responsible for enforcement of all IHDA rules of competitions and/or Dress, particularly for the "Pro/Am Guidelines of Pre-Novice, Novice, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advance Division, Classics, Theater Arts, Cabaret and Open catagories as well.
  3.  No smoking will be allowed in the ballroom or any designated competitor assembly area at any time.
  4. IHDA recognizes that competition/championship organizers own the television and/or video rights to their events.
  5. An on-deck area for competitors should be available for championships and strongly recommended for competitions. It is further recommended that an on-deck captain be provided during sessions with a large number of entries and/or heats. Please see the Sanctioned Competitor Rules and the Hustle Syllabus.



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