Descriptions of the Board, Regional Reps and Committee Members

  1. President – The role of the President is to oversee operations of IHDA and to guide the company with vision set forth within the mission statement.  The President does not have voting power.
  2. Vice-President - The role of the Vice- President is to assist the President in overseeing procedural operations.  As well as drafting and execution of contracts to event directors for sanctioning and for any other needs of this organization.   In addition, the Vice-President is the figure head of the organization in the absence of the President.  The Vice-President has one vote.
  3. Secretary – The role of the Secretary is to maintain accurate documentation for transactions performed by the company.  In addition, the Secretary is responsible for communications with the public.  Currently, the Secretary is also responsible for maintaining and updating the IHDA website and developing images and graphics if needed. The Secretary has one vote.
  4. Treasurer -  The role of the Treasurer is to maintain accurate accounting records.  Responsibilities include:  bank transactions, balancing accounts, financial reporting and payment distribution.  The Treasurer has one vote.
  5. Membership Director  – The role of the Membership Director is to maintain and update the IHDA member database.  In addition, all correspondence with the members is the responsibility of the Membership Director.  The Membership Director is also responsible for compiling and maintaining points accumulated by competing members.  The Membership Director has one vote.
  6. Constitution Chair  - The role of the Constitution Chair is  to oversee any and all decisions made by the IHDA board and ensure that the decisions made are not in violation with the IHDA constitution.  In addition, if any disputes or judgments are brought about by the public, it would be the responsibility of the Constitution Chair to settle the dispute.  The Constitution Chair has one vote.
  7. Adjudication Chairperson- The role of the Adjudication Chairperson is to handle any and all issues related to the standardization of competitive judging.  Responsibilities include the creation of a standardized judging system to be used at all IHDA sanctioned events; as well as the training of qualified judges and scrutineers.  The roles and responsibilities of The Adjudication Chairperson will assure all IHDA competitors that the rules of the competition floor will be consistent at all IHDA sanctioned events.  The Adjudication Chairperson has one vote.
  8. Music Coordinator - The role of the Music Coordinator is to work with event directors to ensure that the music played at IHDA sanctioned events meets the approved tempi for each competitive level.  In addition, the Music Coordinator will be instrumental in the implementation of current music into IHDA sanctioned events.  The Music Coordinator has one vote.
  9. Competition Criteria Coordinator – The Competition Criteria Coordinator is responsible to ensure that all competitors, professional or amateur, uphold the rules and regulations set forth in the competition criteria.   In addition, the Competition Criteria Coordinator will work closely with the IHDA Examiners to ensure that the IHDA syllabus is being upheld and enforced at all IHDA sanctioned events.  The Competition Criteria Coordinator has one vote.
  10. IHDA Observer - The role of the IHDA Observer is to ensure that all rules and regulations set forth in the IDHA rules of sanctioning are upheld at an IHDA sanctioned event.  Rules and regulations would include:  syllabus, dancing out of category, violations, music, costuming, dance divisions, judging, adherence to schedule, etc.  The IHDA Observer will also ensure that the sanctioned event is being conducted in with highest level of quality and integrity.  The IHDA Observer has one vote.
  11. Past Presidents - After successfully completing their term in office the role of the IHDA Past President will serve the IHDA Board as a non-voting advisor/consultant with the ability to present bills to the board.  The Past Presidents do not have a vote.
  12. Calendar and Event Coordinator  – The role of the Calendar and Event Coordinator is to maintain the calendar of events on the IHDA website.  The Calendar and Event Coordinator will report to the Publication Director. The Calendar and Event Coordinator does not have a vote. ------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Meet and Greet Coordinator - This position is responsible for the planning and staffing of the Meet and Greets at an IHDA sanctioned event.  The Coordinator is not however responsible for running or attending the Meet and Greet.  The Meet and Greet Coordinator does not have a vote. ------------------------------------------------------
  14. Merchandising Director – The role of the Merchandising Director is to promote, inventory, order, and process all IHDA merchandise.  The Merchandising Director reports to the Treasurer.  The Merchandising Director does not have a vote.
  15. Global Membership – The role of the Global Membership position is to facilitate the growth of IHDA through international membership.  The Global Membership director will develop a line of communication with hustle dancers in various parts of the world in an effort to foster new growth and awareness of the dance.  The Global Membership director does not have a vote.
  16. Regional Rep Coordinator – The role of the Regional Rep Coordinator position is to be the voice of the regional reps and the community to the board.  The Regional Rep Coordinator will work closely with the regional reps to address the needs of their community.  Each community has different needs and it is important for IHDA to target these needs specifically.  Part of the role of a Regional Rep is to organize a Meet and Greet at the Sanctioned Event in your Region.  Regional Representatives are entitled to request the Outreach Program for their area. The Regional Rep Coordinator does not have a vote.




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